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BIPED testbed

Brabrand  &  Gellerup


BIPED is focusing on the Gellerup neighbourhood of the Brabrand district in Aarhus. The ambition is to achieve climate neutrality and make Gellerup energy-positive in the next few years, and then scale the results to other parts of the city and beyond. The main target areas for intervention are building stock renovations, renewables and electric mobility.

Brabrand is a district of Aarhus municipality, located 6 km west of the city centre. Brabrand is a diverse district with 20,000 inhabitants, a broad mix of different building stock and business types. Located in the district's east is Gellerup, a modernist suburban residential neighbourhood. Built in the 1960s, Gellerup consists primarily of public and social housing estates in the form of multi-story apartment blocks (Gellerupparken) that comprise nearly 74% of all homes in the area.

The areas are undergoing a major transformation as some buildings are being demolished, others remodelled and repurposed, and new ones constructed. In recent years, Gallerup benefited from a new district park, library, sports and cultural venues. There are plans for a new station in Brabrand that is part of an expanded light rail network intersecting the Aarhus metropolitan area.

Smart Aarhus

How to realise the concept of smart city with all citizens on board?

7 vilde problemer

How to solve issues such as climate change, ageing, social integration?

Aarhus climate strategy

How to offset indirect emissions outside of Aarhus' direct control?

DK digital strategy

How to realise this strategy for the public sector by 2025?

Expected impact

BIPED demonstrator will be multi-layered, connecting different districts and areas within Aarhus (Brabrand, Gellerup). With the digital twin, different features found in the urban fabric of these areas will be explored holistically (environmentally, socially, economically) to understand their impact on PED development.

The solution will provide a virtual urban space to simulate and model real-time data and scenarios across different spatio-temporal levels, with results feeding into governance arrangements geared towards four policy priorities on a local and national level.

Recent news

BIPED is funded under the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme. Grant ID: 101139060

BIPED is funded under the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme. Grant ID: 101139060

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