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BIPED Welcomes Esteemed External Steering Board to Help Guide Project

BIPED is pleased to announce the appointment of an external steering board to help steer and guide our project. The critical friend role is crucial because it provides independent oversight, valuable expertise, and constructive feedback on our work and deliverables, ensuring that BIPED achieves its ambitious goals effectively and efficiently. Let's get a brief glimpse of our accomplished steering board members:

Photo of shoes on a pavement. 'Passion led us here' is written on the floor

Prof. Dr. ir. Lieve Helsen

Prof. Dr. ir. Lieve Helsen is a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at KU Leuven (& EnergyVille). She leads the Thermal Systems Simulation (The SySi) research group, which focuses on modeling, optimal control, and optimal design of thermal systems in the built environment. With memberships in many international scientific and arts committees, she brings a wealth of data modeling and innovation expertise to BIPED. Her extensive experience will be instrumental in optimizing the thermal systems within our Positive Energy Districts (PEDs).

Lise Lindberg Frellesen

Lise Lindberg Frellesen is an Academic Specialist at the Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure, Denmark. She is a project manager for "Denmark's Digital Twin," exploring the possibilities and needs for a national 3D model as part of the free basic data. Hansen provides valuable digital knowledge and large geo-data expertise, especially beneficial in our pilot context of Denmark. Her insights will help us effectively integrate digital twin technology into our PED designs.

Mani Dhingra, Ph.D.

Dr. Mani Dhingra is a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute and a Smart City Digital Twin Manager for Dublin City Council. She believes in the power of datasets and technology for social good by deriving insights to address challenges related to urban sustainability and smart cities. Her key areas of interest include the ethical use of generative AI (genAI) and urban digital twins, helping ensure our project adheres to high ethical standards while leveraging advanced technologies.

Francesco Reda

Francesco Reda is the Research Manager and Principal Scientist for the Hydrogen and Industrial Energy business area at VTT Oy (Technical Research Centre of Finland). With over a decade of experience in R&D of renewable energy production systems for district and building applications, his current research focuses on renewable energy system applications to enable the transition towards net-zero energy buildings and districts. Reda's guidance will be vital in achieving our renewable energy targets and ensuring the sustainability of our PEDs.

Vito Michele Pavese

Vito Michele Pavese is an attorney at law at ICT Legal Consulting who advises clients on privacy and data protection, ICT matters, and commercial contracts. He graduated in Law from LUMSA University of Rome in 2008 and received a Master’s in Law from the University of California – Berkeley School of Law in 2014, specializing in Law and Technology. Pavese's deep expertise in data rights and intellectual property rights will help us navigate legal challenges and ensure compliance with regulations, protecting the integrity of our project.

The diverse expertise of our steering board members is a tremendous asset to BIPED, providing the independent oversight necessary to guide our ambitious project towards success. By leveraging their collective knowledge and experience, we aim to create sustainable and resilient Positive Energy Districts that serve as models for urban development worldwide.

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BIPED is funded under the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme. Grant ID: 101139060

BIPED is funded under the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme. Grant ID: 101139060

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